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In an attempt to be a better Canadian, all of my toots will be bilingual.

Pour etres un plus bon Canadien, touts mon Toots sur Mastadon sera bilangue.

r/sex: my girlfriend mistook my asthma attack for an orgasm and i fucking died

Daily dot article about mastodon: "what the!!!!! People don't talk about politics enough here!!!! What the heck!!!! Dead site!!!!"

Gillette ad Discourse, being mean about men don't read if ur sensitive Show more

Conservative shitlords: haha oh woah better put a trigger warning on your safe space!!! lmao idiots


For every "Feature" commit, there is a "Fixed feature" commit

If you have ever looked at one of my selfies and not faved or boosted, I hate your guts

If you ask why enough times eventually you’ll need to ask a particle physicist

and while i'm at it, if you say the word "cringe" to describe literally ANYTHING another human being does that doesn't harm anyone else... you literally suck the most. that's all i got

addressing all groups with the gender neutral “gamers”

Who is an effective combat beast? Is it you? Is it you? The question is rhetorical. It is you.

I hate that I'm so aware of the awkward things I do while I'm doing them but I can't seem to stop doing them.

They/them pronouns should be normalized 👏

finances, health insurance, capitalist hellscape Show more

If he was at all fun, you'd actually consider choosing him in Mario Kart, which no one ever does. There's 6 MARIOS in Mario Kart and no one plays as them.

Western media fears sincerity and views it as juvenile, send toot

"snowflake generation" shut the fuck up i work harder for less money than any of you spoiled fuckers did at my age

I am a sharpboy, not a softboy, because all of my angles are a-cute

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A lovely place to rest.

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