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one day i will fully unite the Redditor and Gamer factions, and i will tell them that Joe Rogan is stranded at the bottom of the ocean somewhere and they need to find him

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self performance reviews are the biggest fuck you, I swear

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keep having recurring dreams where i get ran over by a bus.... also tony hawk's there

Lamb curry over rice for lunch. I’ll miss these times when we’re living in a post-apocalyptic, climate change hellscape. 😇

steve albini voice: shakira, she's crazy about shakira

hillary clinton carries around a big square of cardboard so she can do her breakdancing routine for any potential voters she comes across. hillary clinton is winning the hearts and minds of the youth by busting out a headspin that lasts for over 3 hours

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A lovely place to rest.

(light poem image header created by Robert Montgomery)